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Lollis Ultra HD Foundation

5.000 OMR 3.570 OMR

HD Foundation provides a softer and smoother look on skin by spreading the light with its special pigments. Its high coverage formula creates a perfect look on skin all day...

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.27 - 50ml

7.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

Combine skincare and makeup in one easy step for flawless skin with M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++. M Perfect is a BB cream that offers medium to...

Soft Over Cover Pressed Powder

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

With its specially developed velvet formula, the  powder provides perfect coverage and a silky  appearance to your skin. It stays all day without  the need for refreshing up.. Size: 12g...

Lollis Duo Terracotta

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

Lollis Terracotta blush series gives a glowing and vivid effect to your cheeks with its silky texture and the colors match your makeup. It is an essential product for long-lasting,...

Lollis Cream Contour 01

5.000 OMR 3.150 OMR

You can easily apply it to the areas where you want to shape or shade your facial features. The contour palette of four colors has a light and creamy texture...

Lollis BB Cream Light

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

For a perfect skin 10 in 1 1-Moisturizes skin all day long 2-Equalizes skin tone 3-Creates a healthy glow 4-Conceals lines and imperfections 5-Hides pores 6-Prepares the skin for makeup...

Magic Finish Setting Powder Final Touch - 15g

16.000 OMR 11.700 OMR

M. Asam MAGIC FINISH Final Touch Setting Powder Bare Skin is a versatile setting powder designed for all skin tones. It offers a transparent finish that doesn't settle into fine...

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.23 - 50ml

7.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

Combine skincare and makeup in one easy step for flawless skin with M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++. M Perfect is a BB cream that offers medium to...

Lollis Make Up Studio ​Palette

8.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

A must-have palette for a complete and perfect makeup You will have an ultra perfect result with this exclusive palette including eyeshadow, illuminator and blush The Eyeshadow Palette has 12...

Lollis Love Make Up Set

8.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

Everything you need for perfect skin is in this palette: 2 contour creams, 2 contour powders, 2 blushes, and 2 highlighters. Light and soft textures can combine perfectly with each...

Lollis Collagen Concealer

4.000 OMR 2.100 OMR

Highlights the eye area and covers the dark circles and blemishes under eyes with its perfect concealer-special formula and easy-to-apply soft texture. Liquid form and application apparatus make it easy...

Lollis Highlighter Ultra Pro Glow

8.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

All the needs of a glow and shimmer makeup meet in a single palette. It provides instant results with its high-level pigmented structure. The palette suits all skin tones with...

Lollis Miracle Contouring Palette

8.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

It offers eight different shades in a single palette to shape your facial features and enhance your skin tone and color. With its creamy structure, long-lasting and effective formula, it...

Lollis Skin Primer Matte Finish

4.000 OMR 2.730 OMR

With its special and light structure, it is easily applied to the skin and eliminates the surface shine on the skin. It is also used as a base under make-up...

Lollis Primer base 06

5.000 OMR 3.360 OMR

First step to perfect makeup A wide variety of options for different skin needs.  Pore-hiding, redness-reducing, moisturizing and highlighting bases maximize the effect of your makeup and provide a flawless...

Missha Artistool Concealer Brush No.104

3.000 OMR 2.310 OMR

Recommended for those who: Want to achieve an even, streak-free concealer application. Seek natural-looking coverage. Look for a makeup brush that doesn't cause skin irritation. Features: Missha Artistool Concealer Brush...

Lollis Contour Palette 4 Colors

5.000 OMR 3.310 OMR

With this special palette contains Contour, Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush colors, you can create contrast on your face and add a new dimension to your make up. Size: 16g

Make up Fixing Spray With Green Tea - 100ml

3.500 OMR 2.520 OMR

يحافظ مثبت المكياج على ثبات مكياجك وحيويته لفترة طويلة. لا تخلق وزناً على الجلد بسبب بنيتها الخفيفة.يحافظ على الرطوبة الطبيعية لبشرتك.طريقة الاستعامل:ً بعد الانتهاء من المكياج، رجي المنتج جيدا وضعيه...

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