For more than 35 years EVELINE supplies customers with cosmetics in Poland and abroad. They have gained the trust of consumers thanks to the policy of high quality and innovation.

Eveline OH! My Lips Liquid Matt Lip Kit

6.000 OMR 3.360 OMR

Traditional lipsticks and lip glosses don't meet your expectations? Traditional lipstick is too heavy in texture? So the lip liner and lipstick from OH! MY LIPS set in unique colors...

Lash Therapy 8in1 Total Action Eyelash Serum - 10ml

4.000 OMR 3.360 OMR

Intensive care for weakened and brittle eyelashes. The serum acts in 8 areas, visibly reinforcing and improving eyelashes condition. INNOVATIVE product combining properties of rebuilding serum, eyelash growth activator and...

Eveline Expert Vitamin C Serum - 18ml

6.000 OMR 4.200 OMR

Elevate your skincare routine with our SERUM-VITAMIN INJECTION, a powerhouse night treatment designed for comprehensive skin care. Boasting an extraordinary concentration of 12% across three bioactive forms of Vitamin C,...

Lash Booster Eyelash Serum 5in1 With Argan - 10ml

5.000 OMR 3.360 OMR

SOS multifunctional 5-in-1 eyelash serum is an innovative product that combines the properties of rebuilding serum, hair growth activator and the base of the ink. The innovative formula rich in...

Eveline Nail Therapy Professional 8in1 Total Action - 12ml

3.500 OMR 2.310 OMR

Regenerates damaged nails Eliminates nail splitting Restores hardness to soft and brittle nails Restores healthy and natural color Smoothes the nail surface TOTAL ACTION 8in1 NAIL CONDITIONER is dedicated to...

Eveline Professional Nail Polish Remover - 190ml

4.500 OMR 3.780 OMR

Strengthens nails and nourishes cuticlesAcetone freeArgan oilVitamins of youth: A, E, FProfessional acetone free nail polish remover extremely effectively and gently removes each type of nail polish from natural as...

Nail Polish Remover 8in1 Total Action - 150ml

3.000 OMR 2.310 OMR

Effectively and gently removes nail polish, whether from natural or artificial nails. It thoroughly cleanses and degreases the nail surface, preparing it for a fresh coat of polish. Specially formulated...

White Prestige 4D Whitening Make-up Removing Lotion - 245ml

6.000 OMR 3.150 OMR

WHITENS & ILLUMINATES: Multifunctional, light formula based on FRACTO2 ILLUMI LASER™ unique technology with Lumiwhite™ Complex lightens the skin, smoothes and reduces discolorations like a professional laser treatment performed in...

Eveline White Prestige 4D Whitening Eye Cream - 20ml

6.000 OMR 4.410 OMR

48-h Professional Whitening Program - Day by day skin becomes lighter and more radiant! WHITE PRESTIGE 4D cosmetics series is the innovative treatment, acting in four dimensions: lightens complexion, evens...

Extreme 4d Slimming & Firming Serum - 250ml

7.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

bio Slim-Fitness Complex - has strong firming and anti-cellulite action Lipocell-Slim Complex and L-carnitine - intensely stimulate microcirculation thus supporting cellulite and adipose tissue reduction Collagen and pro-elastin - improve...

Gold Draining Peeling Massage - 250ml

7.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

Eveline Gold Draining Peeling Massage Slimming and Shaping Gold Serum for Body by Eveline Gold serum slimming-modeling is a luxurious treatment reducing the fat tissue inspired by thelatest developments in...

Eveline Facial Wash Gel + Scrub + Mask - 200ml

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

Facial Wash Gel + scrb + mask My boy. and combination skin Perfectly puries and reps for problematic skin prone to imperections. Uniquine multifunctional formulae differentiated production, ffectival and uriies...

Whitening Sun Protection SPF 50 - 50ml

6.000 OMR 4.620 OMR

HIGH PROTECTION Hyaluronic acid Vitamin A, E, F complex – Active whitening care – Instant protection against UVA/UVB radiation – Non-sticky & immediately absorbing formula – Intense moisture COLLAGEN FIBERS...


4.000 OMR 2.310 OMR

9W1 TOTAL ACTION ANTI-RIDGE & ANTI-SPOT TOE NAIL TREATMENTMechanical damages and also chemical treatments cause furrows and micro damages of nails, also such, that cannot be seen directly. Micro damages...

Day and Night Cream with vitamin C - 50ml

7.000 OMR 3.990 OMR

Thanks to bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid, formula of the cream perfectly reduces wrinkles and prevents formation of the new ones. Effective Yuzu extract moisturizes and illuminates tired complexion. Vitamin C...

EVELINE 8in1 Deep Cleansing Active Gel for Imperfections Facemed+ - 150ml

4.000 OMR 2.940 OMR

Eveline Facemed + 8 in 1 Active Cleansing Gel + Scrub + Mask / 150mlRemoves impurities, blackheads, excess sebumSuitable for all types of skin, sensitive as wellvegetarianActive Cleansing Gel +...

Slim Extreme 4d Bust Intensive Serum - 200ml

7.000 OMR 4.200 OMR

Increases bust circumference by up to 2,5cm Restores firmness Models and fills up Effects just after 1st application Volufiline Mesotherapy anti-age complex Description: Mezo push-up non-invasive firming technology increases bust...

Eveline Softening Foot Scrub - 100ml

3.000 OMR 2.730 OMR

The peeling formula is a mixture of the most effective active ingredients that will make your feet perfectly smooth! The PodoLipid™ complex, which consists of: lipids, urea, allantoin, emollients, paraffins...

Eveline Whitening Multifunction BB Cream ​- 50ml

7.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

WHITE PRESTIGE 4D cosmetic series is the therapy inspired by the whitening fractional laser professional treatment. Conceals imperfections and discolourations Gives the skin natural, radiant look and healthy glow Intensely...

Eveline Beauty & Glow Face Scrub - 75ml

4.000 OMR 2.730 OMR

The cosmetic contains enzymatic and mechanical peeling. Natural enzymes from papain and bromelain gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it pleasantly smooth. Rice and walnut particles smooth and remove dead epidermis...

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