Hair Care

Hair Care

Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo - 50g

14.000 OMR8.400 OMR

Say hello to a dye-free gray hair removal soap bar. You can fix gray hair issues only with this soap without needing any other product. SoapCover covers hair and beard...

White To Black Shampoo - 50ml

14.000 OMR10.500 OMR

WtoB White to Black Shampoo Instructions for use: Use is simple and simple where a small amount of shampoo is taken in the palm of the hand, and massage it...

Epify Sensitive Hair Removal - 250ml

20.000 OMR10.500 OMR

  Epify Hair Removal Gel with Soft & Fresh Technology, removes unwanted hair from the roots within minutes, moisturizes the skin and gives you a smooth and shiny appearance. Thanks...

Shampoo + Protein Revola Kristal Plus - 500ml ×2

20.000 OMR17.850 OMR

Straightness curly hair Treats split hair Gives shine and softness to the hair thanks to its advanced formula Formaldehyde-free For all hair types, even African Safe for children and pregnant...

Lae Sa Luay Supreme Charcoal Shampoo - 200ml

5.000 OMR2.520 OMR

Prevent hair loss Repair branched hair Prevent white hair Keep hair moisture Prevent hair itchy and lice problem Quickly get LAE SA LUAY now and let it nourishes your hair...

Lae Sa Luay Spa Smooth Keratin - 250ml

5.000 OMR2.310 OMR

Hair Treatment Caustic Spa The ultimate treatment for all hair problems, it works to treat hair loss, with natural vitamins, creatine, charcoal and oils. Makes dry hair moisturized, makes hair...

Dr. Miracle's Hot Gro Hair and Scalp Treatment - 113g

4.500 OMR3.150 OMR

PROVEN HAIR CARE - Dr. Miracle's Hot Gro Hair and Scalp Treatment nourishes, hydrates & conditions your dry, thirsty scalp & hair. In addition to moisturizing, it also protects the...

Collagen Conditioner Revola Plus - 500ml

6.000 OMR5.250 OMR

REVOLA KRISTAL HAIR CONDITIONER Works to repair the damage done by hot tools, chemicals, ond general wear-and-tear that your hair experiences on a daily basis. HOW TO USE: Rirnse out...

Cecilia Comb Super Hair Brush

2.000 OMR1.470 OMR

CECILIA HAIR BRUSH For Healthier ,More Beautiful Hair  Brush out tangles easily, with no pulling, tugging or pain. Thin and strong yet flexible, our Cecilia bristles glide through hair effort...

Afghan hashish oil For Hair

14.500 OMR6.300 OMR

A full range of Afghan hashish oil and a range of natural oils and herbs are rare and free of any chemicals Helps to rejuvenate the hair and nourishes the...

Micellar Hair Growth Shampoo - 245ml

5.000 OMR2.940 OMR

Micellar Hair Growth Shampoo gently cleanses hair and the scalp without irritation, stimulates and regenerates hair follicle, accelerating hair growth and preventing hair loss.Active ingredients: 3-phase Castor oil system™, biotin,...

Shampoo Revola Plus - 500ml

6.000 OMR5.250 OMR

REVOLA KRISTAL SHAMPOO Made with nourishing ingredients help in gentle cleansing, treating dry scalp, and repair damaged hair as well as give the follicles much-needed moisturization  HOW TO USE: Wet...

Feather Flamingo For Shaving - 3pcs

2.500 OMR2.100 OMR

A razor blade with blade protector to protect the delicate skin of women, and prevent side slippage and soreness - The resin-coated blade is effective for shaving fine, fine hair...

Argan Hair Serum - 100ml

3.000 OMR2.520 OMR

ARGAN HAIR SERUM WITH ARGAN OIL Deeply moisturizing& nourishing. Regain strength and coating the hair, repair hair structure. The hair is brittle and tear easily turn a vibrant shine. This...

Keratin Color & Repair Shampoo 8in1 - 245ml

5.000 OMR2.940 OMR

ARGAN • KERATIN • LIQUID SILK series was developed thanks to cooperation of Eveline Cosmetics laboratories with hair stylists. As a result the professional line of hair care cosmetics was...

Eveline Argan Hair Mask 8in1 - 300ml

6.000 OMR3.360 OMR

ARGAN + KERATINREPLENISHES KERATIN LOSSEScomprehensive restoration + colour protectionpro-repair 4D™ hair professionalcoloured, highlighted and damaged hairIMMEDIATE EFFECT 3 MIN.Formula rich in advanced active ingredients, acting in synergy with argan oil...

Tangle Angel Detangling Hair Brush

2.000 OMR1.470 OMR

Eco Friendly Hair Brush. Great for All Hair Types - Thick, Curly, Straight, Wavy, Wet and Dry Hair, Hair Extensions. Perfect for Women, Girls, Kids Soft bristle hair brush detangles...

Liquid Collagen - 10 Tubes

15.000 OMR9.450 OMR

Description Fight The Effects Of Aging Supports Healthy Skin Hydration Tastes Amazing! Strawberry & Kiwi Flavored Concentrated Drink Mix Dietary Supplement Intensive Nourishment for Skin, Hair & Nails with: Collagen...

Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator - 237ml

6.000 OMR5.250 OMR

STIMULATE A HEALTHY SCALP AND REVITALIZE YOUR HAIR! Achieve thicker, fuller, healthier hair with Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator. A unique formula of Jojoba Oil combined with Bio-Ferm Herbal Complex and...

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