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Original Moroccan Aker Fassi

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The blood of deer or (Aker Fassi) is a powder of the powder with a red color, but it is one of the powders are expensive, where it enters in the composition leaves anemones, by grinding the leaves well, a powder that has great benefits, plus to the many and varied uses and purposes.

There are many benefits that can be obtained when using the Aker Fassi powder, namely:

For skin
Is one of the effective remedies to the problems that may be exposed to the skin, he is able to give the skin beauty and luster and freshness, as well as get rid of any defects may appear on them, and through the work of a recipe consisting of one teaspoon of rose water, and a teaspoon of blood deer, and work on mixing these components with each other, then put this mixture on the face and leave it for a period ranging between half and quarter hour, and then clean the face with soap and water,

With respect to clean the skin there is a recipe made up of two tablespoons a large volume of rose water, and a teaspoon of blood deer, and one teaspoon of the original Moroccan clay, and work to mix these ingredients together, then put it on the face for not less than one quarter of an hour, and after it is clean the face with soap and water, is also working on the granting of beauty and softness pink color who dream of every girl's lips, as well as get rid of the drought and cracks that affect the lips, and this is done by bringing a certain amount of Vaseline, the amount of blood deer powder, and work on mixing these components with each other, and then this mixture is placed on the lips before going to sleep, this method helps to get a pink color and soft texture desired.

For hair
Is a natural and effective remedies to get rid of the problems faced by the hair Kaltqcef, weakness and other problems, as well as high ability to change hair color without any side effects, and so by bringing ten tablespoons of henna, and lemon juice, a spoonful of deer powder, the amount certain of boiling water, and egg and one egg with the amount of corn oil, and is mixed henna with the blood of deer, and add the amount of boiling them water, and work on mixing these ingredients until they get a mixture with a supple texture, and work to move it for a period of not less than half an hour, after that is fat scalp by corn oil, and add the egg whites to the mixture prepared previously, then add the lemon juice and work to mix all the ingredients well, should this mixture is placed Al Hair and left for a period of not less than two hours, and after expiry of this period the hair is clean, with taking into account the use of balsamic to obtain the necessary hydration.

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