Lollis Collagen Concealer

4.000 OMR2.100 OMR

Highlights the eye area and covers the dark circles and blemishes under eyes with its perfect concealer-special formula and easy-to-apply soft texture. Liquid form and application apparatus make it easy...

Lollis Tattoo Waterproof Dipliner

4.000 OMR2.520 OMR

It can be applied easily with its specially designed brush, and it creates deep and mysterious look. Intense carbon pigments make you draw flawless black lines in one go. Its...

Lollis All In One Mascara

5.000 OMR2.520 OMR

All In One Mascara nourishes your eyelashes with argan oil and gives volume. Rich content of beeswax gives mascara its creamy and elastic texture, and it does not create a...

Lollis Ultra Black Dipliner

4.000 OMR2.520 OMR

With quick dry formula, ultra black color and special applicator, you can easily get the perfect and sharp eyeliner look in desired thickness. Size: 4ml

Lollis Real Look Mascara

5.000 OMR2.520 OMR

Push the limits with your lashes Intense black pigments allow you to get more voluminous and blacker curl lashes in one go. Keratin and natural ingredients nourish and protects your...

Lollis Collagen & Curling Mascara

5.000 OMR2.520 OMR

The mascara containing collagen for lash nourishment and growth will literally create a magical look for your eyes It separates and volumizes the lashes perfectly. Elastic collagen fibers penetrate into...

Lollis Ultra HD Foundation

5.000 OMR3.570 OMR

HD Foundation provides a softer and smoother look on skin by spreading the light with its special pigments. Its high coverage formula creates a perfect look on skin all day...

Collagen Brow & Lash Gel Mascara

3.000 OMR2.100 OMR

It provides nourishing care to your eyebrows and eyelashes with its collagen content.. Eyebrow and eyelash gel mascara, which stands out with its gel form, creates long, curved eyelashes and...

Lollis Matte Powder

3.500 OMR2.100 OMR

It provides a natural matte finish for your skin. Its silky texture due to moisturizing properties in Vitamin E in its formula keeps your makeup look fresh all day long....

Lollis BB Cream Light

4.000 OMR2.520 OMR

For a perfect skin 10 in 1 1-Moisturizes skin all day long 2-Equalizes skin tone 3-Creates a healthy glow 4-Conceals lines and imperfections 5-Hides pores 6-Prepares the skin for makeup...

Lollis Eyebrow Shaper Wax

5.000 OMR3.150 OMR

It allows your eyebrows to be easily shaped and fixed. With Argan oil in its content, it nourishes your eyebrows and strengthens the eyebrow roots, helping to prevent eyebrow loss....

Compact Powder

3.500 OMR2.100 OMR

It gives a natural look to cover your skin with its color variations suitable for all skin tones. You can easily apply Lollis Powder with its silky and soft texture...

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.27 - 50ml

7.000 OMR5.250 OMR

Combine skincare and makeup in one easy step for flawless skin with M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++. M Perfect is a BB cream that offers medium to...

Warm Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

8.000 OMR5.250 OMR

Warm Nudes Eyeshadow Palette expanding the Lollis Collection, is a 21 high performance shades art palette in professional quality. Warm Nudes Eyeshadow lasts all day long with its smooth textured...

Lollis Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

5.000 OMR3.150 OMR

An eyeshadow palette with 12 colors. There are matte tones as well as metallic and shimmer ones. It provides a silky appearance and long-lasting effect without accumulating and olumping in...

Lollis BB Cream Medium

4.000 OMR2.520 OMR

For a perfect skin 10 in 1 1-Moisturizes skin all day long 2-Equalizes skin tone 3-Creates a healthy glow 4-Conceals lines and imperfections 5-Hides pores 6-Prepares the skin for makeup...

Nail Lacquer (Black) 104

1.200 OMR0.840 OMR

Lollis Nail Polish reveals your hand and nail beauty Provides an easy and smooth application on your nails with its brush and special formula. Discover Attractive, Vivid, and Trend colors...

Make up Fixing Spray With Collagen - 100ml

3.500 OMR2.520 OMR

Make up stabilizer keeps your make up stable and vibrant long time. It does not create weight on the skin. due to its light structure. It preserves the natural moisture...

Lollis Blush Palette 02

5.000 OMR3.150 OMR

Blush Palette is a palette reducing the effect of a dull and tired look skin, and makes your skin look perfect. It has 4 trendy blush shades from sun kissed...

Lollis Cream Contour 01

5.000 OMR3.150 OMR

You can easily apply it to the areas where you want to shape or shade your facial features. The contour palette of four colors has a light and creamy texture...

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