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Lollis Highlighter

4.000 OMR 2.310 OMR

Warm and cold color tones provide a glowing and highlighting effect on your face with its bright and shimmer formula. You can complete your makeup in a perfect way with...

Lollis Love Make Up Set

8.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

Everything you need for perfect skin is in this palette: 2 contour creams, 2 contour powders, 2 blushes, and 2 highlighters. Light and soft textures can combine perfectly with each...

Lollis Matte Powder

3.500 OMR 2.100 OMR

It provides a natural matte finish for your skin. Its silky texture due to moisturizing properties in Vitamin E in its formula keeps your makeup look fresh all day long....

Lollis Primer base 06

5.000 OMR 3.360 OMR

First step to perfect makeup A wide variety of options for different skin needs.  Pore-hiding, redness-reducing, moisturizing and highlighting bases maximize the effect of your makeup and provide a flawless...

Lollis Blush On

4.000 OMR 2.310 OMR

Options for every skin tone are available. Its long-lasting formula, soft and velvet texture give your skin a glowing, younger, and flawless look. Size: 12g

Lollis Foundation Perfect Covarage

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

While providing a flawless look on your skin with its natural color pigments, it moisturizes your skin with its Vitamin E content. Apply a thin layer to your skin. It...

Missha Artistool Cheek & Highlighter Brush No. 206

6.500 OMR 5.670 OMR

Experience precision in highlighting and contouring with the MISSHA Artistool Cheek & Highlighter Brush #206. Crafted with a blend of ultra-soft goat hair and synthetic fibers, this professional-grade brush ensures...

Missha Ital Prism Blusher & Blending Brush

4.500 OMR 3.780 OMR

Experience the magic of perfect makeup blending with the Missha Ital Prism Blusher & Blending Brush.Elevate your makeup game with the Missha Ital Prism Blusher & Blending Brush. This versatile...

Emotion Nude Eyes & Cheeks Blush Palette

5.000 OMR 3.150 OMR

Inspired by the colors that emotions reflect on the face , this palette will indispensable for you day and night make-up All you need for perfect make-up, the pearlescent nude...

Lollis Soft Over Cover Foundation

5.000 OMR 3.360 OMR

It provides a long-lasting smoothness all day long with its high coverage and light structure. Moreover, it protects the moisture of the skin in a healthy way and gives vitality...

Lollis Make Up Studio ​Palette

8.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

A must-have palette for a complete and perfect makeup You will have an ultra perfect result with this exclusive palette including eyeshadow, illuminator and blush The Eyeshadow Palette has 12...

Lollis Baked Powder & Blush On

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

Its enriched content, vitamins and minerals provide a healthy, fresh and renewed look on your skin. As its unique colors integrate with your skin with high-level pigmentation, its long-lasting effect...

Lollis Highlighter Ultra Pro Glow

8.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

All the needs of a glow and shimmer makeup meet in a single palette. It provides instant results with its high-level pigmented structure. The palette suits all skin tones with...

Lollis BB Cream Medium

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

For a perfect skin 10 in 1 1-Moisturizes skin all day long 2-Equalizes skin tone 3-Creates a healthy glow 4-Conceals lines and imperfections 5-Hides pores 6-Prepares the skin for makeup...

Lollis BB Cream Light

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

For a perfect skin 10 in 1 1-Moisturizes skin all day long 2-Equalizes skin tone 3-Creates a healthy glow 4-Conceals lines and imperfections 5-Hides pores 6-Prepares the skin for makeup...

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.23 - 50ml

7.000 OMR 5.250 OMR

Combine skincare and makeup in one easy step for flawless skin with M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++. M Perfect is a BB cream that offers medium to...

Lollis Ball Blusher

4.000 OMR 2.520 OMR

Colored and tiny magic balls create a glowing, velvety and bright effect on your cheeks. Easy to apply with brush, the product gives a glowing and natural look with its...

Make up Fixing Spray With Green Tea - 100ml

3.500 OMR 2.520 OMR

يحافظ مثبت المكياج على ثبات مكياجك وحيويته لفترة طويلة. لا تخلق وزناً على الجلد بسبب بنيتها الخفيفة.يحافظ على الرطوبة الطبيعية لبشرتك.طريقة الاستعامل:ً بعد الانتهاء من المكياج، رجي المنتج جيدا وضعيه...

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