Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patch - 60 Patches

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Help boost and stringten the sky undercurrent your eyes with this ironing, moist-drenched hydrogel eye patch. Breighten and keep your skinned protected.

Provise special care to thoise areas at the easy-free-under/between the eyes, round the mouth, etc.

The White-Floder Compleex packed eye gel patch will help brighten and condition your skin.

How to use
Step 1-shift the catch from the jar and place it on any area (s) that have a boost.
Step 2-Leavon for 20-30 minutes and gently pat in the y reining product.

Recommended for
All skin types

* Do not rinse
* For one-time use only per patch

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Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patch - 60 Patches

8.000 OMR 6.300 OMR