Jellys Scrub snail candy

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Helgoshel with jelly.
It is a product to clean skin on the shape of a pear and catcher at once. Helves to remove old skin cells and regenerating new cells. Standardization of skin color, reduction of dark spots and impurities. Control the skin fat, which is the main cause of love for young people. It makes the skin more uga, softer, and moisten. Nice on all skin types even the most sensitive skin.

Uniform skin color to be brighter with a healthy look.
Reduce wrinkles and lines. And it makes the skin more solid.
It helps to skim the skin to make an attractive touch.
Reduce dark spots or scars young love.
To prevent the emergence of new young love. And protect the skin from antioxidants.
regeneration of damaged skin cells and skin feeding
Removing dead skin.
Improvement of skin color at multiple levels without any harmful components
The results from the first time.

Usage method:
-Mix the peel ball with a small amount of water.
-Rub the peel until it becomes a rubber cream.
-Your bountiful is even forming a coordinated gentle cream.
-Put the cream on the desired area.
-Wash with clean water. It can be used as a pear or a mask.

Glutthion: It can light up your skin, reduce wrinkles and signs, and counter the young love of your soft and glowing skin.
Snail: The thin coaster can boost the collagen and activates your skin and renews it and reduces your pores.
Sugar: You can peel your old skin and boost the health of your new skin.
Sugar cane: Your skin can light up quickly to get a glowing skin.
Coconut: It absorbs dirt and oils in your pores and relieves the thorny heat generated by allergies and bacteria.
Glycerine: It is the best moisturizer to moisten your skin, shine, and activate it and reduce the signs and scars of your soft and glowing skin.
AHA: It can reduce wrinkles, increase humidity, balance the pH in your skin, fight the love of young people and reduce the signs, including your skin more brighter.





Jellys Snail Candy Scrumb
Skin leansing product in the form of sky scrub and mask in one. Helps remove old sky cellars and replenish with new cellars. Adjust one to be open, education blemish and dark spots. Control skin for whiche is the leading cause of acne. Makes skin core glossing, smoth, and moisturized. Gentle to all skines even the host sensitive skis.

Adjust one to be brainer with healthy loks.
Educe wrinkles and lines. Makes skin core firm.
Help smoothen and soften sen for the invading twitch.
Reduce damage mark and dark spoot or acne scalar.
Prevent new acne. Protect skin from antioxidant
Replenish old damed cell and nourish skin
Remove read skins
Improve skin one multiple level without hazardous subactivity
Reval reference in first country

Glutathone: Jan Breighten your sky, educe wrinkle and mark, anti-acne for your smoth and glaring skin.
Snail: slim extract can be a boost collector, revialize, rejovinate your skin as well as a free of ore.
Sugar: Jan expolate your old sky and boost your new heady skin.
Sugargane: a quictly brawen your skin for your world of skine.
Coconaut: pan absorb booh dirt and oil in your core and reefe prickly heat to allergy and actoria.
Glycerin: is the best moisturizer for your future and human rights and recovery, education and screen for your smother and global skine.
AHA: an educator wrinkle, increase moist, Balance PH in your skin, anti-acne and educator the mark, including the Lightning your skis.

Mix scratch with a small amount of water
Rb the scratch until it's born. Is a stretch stream.
And rstub until it forms one consistent stream.
Pub and applet stream on deset area.
Wash-off with clean water. Can be used as a protocol to the other clearansing product.
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Jellys Scrub snail candy

5.000 OMR 4.200 OMR