Hair Care

Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo - 50g

13.330 OMR8.000 OMR

Say hello to a dye-free gray hair removal soap bar. You can fix gray hair issues only with this soap without needing any other product. SoapCover covers hair and beard...

Epify Sensitive Hair Removal - 250ml

19.040 OMR10.000 OMR

  Epify Hair Removal Gel with Soft & Fresh Technology, removes unwanted hair from the roots within minutes, moisturizes the skin and gives you a smooth and shiny appearance. Thanks...

Shampoo + Protein Revola Kristal Plus

19.040 OMR17.000 OMR

Straightness curly hair Treats split hair Gives shine and softness to the hair thanks to its advanced formula Formaldehyde-free For all hair types, even African Safe for children and pregnant...

Dr. Miracle's Hot Gro Hair and Scalp Treatment - 113g

4.280 OMR3.000 OMR

PROVEN HAIR CARE - Dr. Miracle's Hot Gro Hair and Scalp Treatment nourishes, hydrates & conditions your dry, thirsty scalp & hair. In addition to moisturizing, it also protects the...

Just Hair Keratin anti-frizz hair straightening spray - 100ML

19.040 OMR12.000 OMR

Keratin anti-frizz hair straightening spray provides complete hair care from roots to ends, helping you enjoy a bright and shiny look in easy steps How to use: Shake the bottle...

Collagen Conditioner Revola Plus - 500ml

5.710 OMR5.000 OMR

REVOLA KRISTAL HAIR CONDITIONER Works to repair the damage done by hot tools, chemicals, ond general wear-and-tear that your hair experiences on a daily basis. HOW TO USE: Rirnse out...

Feather Flamingo For Shaving - 3pcs

2.380 OMR2.000 OMR

A razor blade with blade protector to protect the delicate skin of women, and prevent side slippage and soreness - The resin-coated blade is effective for shaving fine, fine hair...

Facial And Body Hair Bleaching System

2.850 OMR2.400 OMR

  Facial and body hair bleaching cream Fast, efficient and perfect Changing the color from pink to white indicates the end of the bleaching process An effective and gentle formula...

Cantu Kids Leave-In Conditioner - 283g

3.330 OMR2.400 OMR

Deeply conditions for increased manageability, reduces breakage and frizz with the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey formulated without harsh ingredients. Nurture and nourish fragile coils,...

Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator - 237ml

5.710 OMR5.000 OMR

STIMULATE A HEALTHY SCALP AND REVITALIZE YOUR HAIR! Achieve thicker, fuller, healthier hair with Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator. A unique formula of Jojoba Oil combined with Bio-Ferm Herbal Complex and...

Dr. Miracle's Daily Moisturizing Gro Oil - 118ml

5.710 OMR4.000 OMR

Dr. Miracle's Daily Moisturizing Gro Oil soothes and treats the scalp and promotes hair growth. Blended with Vitamins A, D, E, Avocado, and Aloe Vera for healthy hair growth. Great...

Protein Keratin Shampoo 300ml

6.660 OMR4.000 OMR

شامبو هوم كير يزيد الشامبو من مقاومة ومرونة الشعر الذي تعرض الى عمليات كيميائية مثل التمليس والاسترخاء تصلح المواد الفعالة الموجودة في صيغة المنتج مسامية الشعر مع المحافظة على سلامة...

Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream - 453g

3.810 OMR3.000 OMR

Shea Butter infused deep penetrating conditioning treatment is made with pure shea butter and other natural oils to stop and mend breakage, repair split ends, and add manageability and shine...

Keratin Silkiness Shine Hair Serum - 100ml

2.850 OMR2.400 OMR

Keratin silkiness shine serum transforms your hair into silky smooth looks with this exclusive keratin protein. Forms a protective layer around hair strands against heat from hairdryers and irons, sealing...

Lae Sa Luay Spa Smooth Keratin - 250ml

4.760 OMR3.400 OMR

Hair Treatment Caustic Spa The ultimate treatment for all hair problems, it works to treat hair loss, with natural vitamins, creatine, charcoal and oils. Makes dry hair moisturized, makes hair...

Sugarbearhair Vitamins - 1 Month

15.230 OMR14.000 OMR

SugarBearHair vitamins are soft and delicious chewy hair vitamins! They are vegetarian, cruelty-free, and made in the U.S.A. They're flavored with natural berries for a sweet taste you can enjoy!...

Dr. Miracle's Strengthen Temple & Nape Balm - 113g

4.280 OMR3.000 OMR

Helps to prolong hair, strengthen hair follicles, and provide them with the necessary lunch with Doctor Miracles formula! Created with Natural White Protein, Vitamin E&D and Aloe Vera for long,...

Keratin With Collagen 3 Steps - 140ml x3

23.810 OMR18.000 OMR

  The PKC Ultimate micro-particles penetrate the hair fibers’ cortex, acting as a complex replenisher, providing hair with strength, softness, and radiance. Within minutes PKC is naturally absorbed by the...

GREEN BUBBLE SHAMPOO + Botox keratin capsules

17.140 OMR10.000 OMR

KERATIN KOMPLEX SHAMPOO + BUBBLE to care for damaged and damaged hair. Green Babel has proven effective in lengthening and strengthening hair strands. Benefits of KERATIN KOMPLEX SHAMPOO + BUBBLE:...

Cantu Cleansing Cream Shampoo - 400ml

3.810 OMR3.000 OMR

Award-winning sulfate-free formula-rich lather gently cleanses and moisturizes helping to reduce breakage during shampooing. Made with pure shea butter and formulated without harsh ingredients. NO MINERAL OIL, SULFATES, PARABENS, SILICONES,...

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