Black Sugar Honey Mask Brown - 100 g

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Knife mask, sugar, sugar, honey for face.

The moisturizer mask and the removal of dead skin cells contain Brazilian-rich black sugar, honey lotion of soft and incandescent skin.

: method of use

Good man for mixing upper and lower layers before use. Massage on a moist face, clean and fresh while avoiding the eyes and mouth. Add water if necessary. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Chilling with lukewarm water.

: Components

Carelic, triangular, glycerine, honey, water, water, cythylhexanet, Cook-7 glycerol, cytopia, Llanthanx, carcel, anolehydomethyl laurylhydrazyl laurylhydrazyl, ixeliothermithyl laurylemethylomethylomethol, Pynoxythanol, Ithicoxidolyol, Ezehixyldimethyl, Ithylhydrazine, Ithylhydrazine, Ithylhydrazine, ethylhexidol, ethylhexidol, ethylhexidylin, ethylhydrazine, 1.2-hixandiol, perfume,


Black Sugar
Black Sugar Cleansing skis line is an expelliating and distributed clean line with organizations that are rich with vitamins and minerals to hiddrate and nourish skin.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sorcerin, Glycerin, Honner, Water, Cyclyl Ethylhexane (Candelilla), and L. 7 Glycera Cocketrate, Sales, L. 7 Glycetylde, Caramania, Political, Carbium, Latin Accueetylde, Political, Political, Political, Political, Political, Political, Political, and

AFter leansing, message gently intto damp skis, or mix with water/osmetic water and applet. Avoid skin found the eyes and lips. AFter 10-15 mints, ense with lukewarm water.

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Black Sugar Honey Mask Brown - 100 g

6.660 OMR 5.000 OMR